Eufloria Franchising Featured in Marijuana Ventures Magazine

Eufloria Franchising Featured in Marijuana Ventures Magazine!

Eufloria just recently announced its official filing with the FTC for a franchising license. Upon hearing the news, Garrett Rudolf of Marijuana Ventures Magazine, the journal of professional cannabis growers and retailers, popped in to visit with Eric Dangler, CEO of Eufloria Franchising, and Ed working the coffee bar at the Eufloria Cannabis Cafe next to Gypsy Coffee House.

Oklahoma retailer sets plans in motion to franchise brand across the U.S.

Cannabis entrepreneurs across the country are experimenting with new business models and breaking down yesterday’s notions of what a dispensary should be.

Take, for example, Eufloria. It’s quite possibly one of the most unique cannabis retailers in the country, an open-carry-allowing, open-24-hours, franchise-model medical marijuana dispensary located inside a coffee shop with a cannabis consumption patio out back…

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Eufloria is proud to have co-founders Eric and Tim featured again! If you’re interested in this story, we encourage you to visit one of our locations. For media inquiries, please contact