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The Global Leaders in Dispensary Franchising

Eufloria is the first trademarked dispensary franchise in the nation and the fastest growing. With a winning brand and proven playbook, Eufloria enables entrepreneurs at any experience level to succeed in the greatest growth industry of our generation. We are currently offering cannabis dispensary and CBD retail franchise opportunities.

Our Mission

Empower entrepreneurs and consumers to own, grow, and live their Eufloria

Our Vision

Bring consistent, safe, and enjoyable cannabis retail experiences everywhere

Our Philosophy

Create Dispensaries People Love

Eufloria sets a new standard in experience, education and safety with our premium one-stop shop stores.

Exceptional experiences for our consumers, partners, and community

High quality & pure products that are carefully selected for our customers’ safety and enjoyment

Inviting and safe store environments that provide memorable, educational and enriching experiences

Legally compliant business practices to ensure successful and sustainable operations

High-performing, profitable operations for long-term success

"My favorite dispensary, hands down. Friendly staff, chill vibe, a great all-around experience every time."

- Billy from Tulsa, OK

Opening a dispensary on your own is hard.
We make it easy.

Improve compliance tracking, beat competition, and accelerate your time to market as a Eufloria Franchisee.

With a Eufloria Franchise you get:

✓ Legal guidance Goods and services
✓ Marketing tools
✓ Trusted partner network
✓ Area exclusivity
✓ Transferable license
✓ Proven operational model
✓ Winning brand and messaging
✓ Store design and uniform standards
✓ Site selection support 24-hour lifeline support
✓ Purchasing power

Our Eufloria Advantage System Gives You Every Possible Edge

"We’ve deployed our Eufloria Advantage System to accelerate the time it takes to open a dispensary from 8 months to 3."

Eric Dangler - CEO of Eufloria

“The first legal cannabis cafe in the nation opens in downtown Tulsa, OK”

“Veterans open the first 24 hour dispensary in Tulsa”

Eufloria Voted Best Dispensary In Tulsa

“Eufloria is not your run-of-the-mill dispensary”

"Oklahoma retailer sets plans in motion to franchise across the U.S”

Cannabis Dispensary

Franchise Fee

  • $90,000

Cost Estimate

  • $186,150—$237,600 for THC Retail*
    *price based on OK licensing fees, varies by state
  • Reduced price estimates for smaller and KIOSK models
  • 6% Royalty Fee • $500/mo Digital Marketing Requirement
  • 1% Marketing Commitment

CBD Retail

Franchise Fee

  • $65,000

Cost Estimate 

  • $152,150—$185,350 for CBD Retail*
    *price based on OK licensing fees, varies by state
  • Reduced price estimates KIOSK models
  • 6% Royalty Fee • $500/mo Digital Marketing Requirement
  • 1% Marketing Commitment2

Ride the Wave with Eufloria

The global legal cannabis market is projected to grow to $27.2B by 2024* as the market matures and states pass new legislation.

The CBD market is projected to grow to $22 billion by 2024, a 6X increase from $4B in 2019.

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