Eufloria - Downtown Tulsa Dispensary

Located in Downtown Tulsa’s Arts District, Eufloria Dispensary is located alongside Gypsy Coffee House which includes a live entertainment, heated smoking patio and an interior lounge where you can enjoy edibles, sandwiches, and gourmet coffee all in one place!

303 M.L.K. Jr. Blvd Suite B, Tulsa, OK 74103

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Open: 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week


About our Dispensary

Tulsa’s Cannabis Cafe Experience!


Anyone visiting Downtown Tulsa is sure to have been to The Tulsa Arts District, formerly known as The Brady District. 

With its warehouses and factories converted into bohemian shops, entertainment venues, restaurants and the thriving Guthrie Green Park, it is a glowing testament to Tulsa’s innovative past and vibrant future. 

Before all the renovations and rediscoveries, one business stood proud in the former Brady District. Gypsy Coffee House and Cyber Cafe has been a staple of Downtown Tulsa for 20 years. Opened and owned by Bradley Rene Garcia, Gypsy has been serving Tulsa with delicious coffees, teas, homemade pastries and sandwiches. 

 In July of this year, Gypsy Coffee House announced its groundbreaking endeavor with Eufloria. This will culminate in opening a dispensary in the former “pillow room” of Gypsy. “I opened Gypsy when The District was just warehouses and bars. It’s been incredible to see the growth in this community and in Tulsa” said Garcia. 

Eufloria Gypsy will offer the first Full Spectrumcannabis café experience in The USA as well as the first dispensary in Tulsa Arts District. “I am excited to see what this location will do for the district and for Gypsy” said Alec C. Hill, Eufloria Gypsy franchise Manager/Co-Owner.  

“What an amazing and proud moment to be Tulsan! We did it first!” Says, Eric Dangler CEO & Co-Founder of Eufloria Franchising.

Eufloria tulsa dispensary downtown building

What our customers are saying!

580 GANG
580 G.
05:33 25 Sep 20
Your guys tree is Great, Just Needa Start adding your menu to weedmaps or leafly for picturesread more
Sandra Mahan
Sandra M.
14:13 24 Sep 20
Great place! Good flower and excellent customer service! Definitely will be back!read more
Bridgette Wilkes
Bridgette W.
20:15 21 Sep 20
Good place to go
Curtiss Purinton
Curtiss P.
01:19 13 Sep 20
Loved it! Great weed, great prices, the staff was more
Melva Mckain
Melva M.
13:19 11 Sep 20
Awesome Pre-rolls HERE!
Ashley Harris
Ashley H.
17:49 04 Sep 20
Very inviting we were going out of town and needed something to just smoke and go and was introudued to tree 5 prerolls they are the best!! Thank you for making us feel comfortable while we shop. Also kept us laughing with their jokes will definetly be back!read more
Duane Monks
Duane M.
02:10 04 Sep 20
Awesome atmosphere great product
Matthew osborne
Matthew O.
03:20 31 Aug 20
A bit expensive but definetley a cool smoke and coffee spotread more
Jordan Beaver
Jordan B.
15:34 19 Aug 20
I frequent Gypsy quite often (a few times per week) to visit friends and occasionally I'll stop in at Eufloria to see what products are in, their product is pretty pungent and frosty. The employees here are always nice to me and since its open 24 hours its definitely worth checking out! The picture attached is a picture I took on my 35mm camera, I had to have it developed and it was my first time using film, I wanted to take it because I like the brick architecture, its a cute building!read more
Roxie H
Roxie H
12:49 18 Aug 20
24 hours!
Casey Rolland
Casey R.
10:41 16 Aug 20
They always have the 🔥 for the low. 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week!!! <3read more
Cachet Hoyt
Cachet H.
07:26 15 Aug 20
This was my first experience OMMA! I've been to recreational dispensaries in other states but this is more
Mike Jones
Mike J.
18:39 11 Aug 20
Really nice little store I thought the young ladys uniform was nice and added class to the store the budtender was helpful friendly and pleasant on the eyes as well and the pineapple chunck is ⛽read more
Dominique Debose
Dominique D.
06:31 05 Aug 20
Joe Bosworth
Joe B.
02:27 03 Aug 20
Definitely a cool place to have some C&C 24hrs. coffee and smoke on the more
Chelsea Jones
Chelsea J.
03:58 02 Aug 20
Very polite budtender she was precious with her get up outfit i adored!! Excited to go home and try the Violet Delight💜read more
Victor Infante
Victor I.
07:41 26 Jul 20
I just recently got my med card; acclimating to the process can be really overwhelming! I want to trust my budtender but wary of being 'sold'. Staff and procedure at Eufloria facilitate confidence -- Nicholas was a stand up more
Scott Tolbert
Scott T.
19:46 12 Jul 20
Great place nice staff great prices
Wayne thomas
Wayne T.
00:18 05 Jul 20
00:24 25 Jun 20
Brittany Hall
Brittany H.
06:44 08 Jun 20
Dusty Teel
Dusty T.
11:29 02 Jun 20
What is better then being able to get ur coffee & medicinal marijuana at ur friends coffee more
Benjamin Dawson
Benjamin D.
06:49 30 May 20
I'm the inspector general and I think the dispensary will do very well in the future after I visit them so I hope they understand I always make things worth someone's while. I just hope my associates show up and tell them the business I need from more
Reggie Williams
Reggie W.
14:45 23 May 20
Rachel Miles
Rachel M.
04:52 18 Mar 20
Great selection and very helpful staff. They found me the perfect fit for both my needs and my more
james sevier
james S.
05:24 10 Mar 20
Small dispensary with edibles, topicals and other products. Has a variety of marijuana to chooseread more
Mikaila Hummel
Mikaila H.
09:04 08 Mar 20
Jonathan Robinson
Jonathan R.
05:38 04 Mar 20
Truly Tasha
Truly T.
14:33 18 Feb 20
Gotta try the Sage OG! Omg I loveeeee it! Also the coffee shop next door has a great dessert selectionread more
Montana Cummings
Montana C.
09:32 16 Feb 20
Lollie Moore
Lollie M.
05:59 13 Feb 20
Great product, lovely store, wonderful staff. Very polished & professional, what I want when I make a purchase. Friendly, knowledgeable budtenders & a modern, timeless storefront & the patio make this my favorite place in downtown. I'll be popping in this Sunday with my girls for snacks to celebrate Galentine's Day on the patio!read more
Shy Handschumacher
Shy H.
20:48 08 Feb 20
05:14 07 Feb 20
Best dispinsery in town great prices
Megan Harris
Megan H.
00:23 06 Feb 20
This dispensary is amazing! Seriously such good prices, amazing product and a caring empathetic staff who is always ready to help. They're located in such a convenient location and open 24/7! Also, when the coffee shop is open they have a cannabis courtyard that you can go partake on. Could it get any better?? Like honestly, if you haven't checked them out yet you are missing more
Gideon Goopiferri Mcjjah
Gideon Goopiferri M.
17:29 25 Dec 19
This place is super fantastic I took my in laws from Kazakhstan here they just got their Oklahoma medical cards and they loved it my mother in law has a fear of Nazis and the bud the tenders recommended eased her fear unbelievably knowledgeable staff and great products the smoking area is beautiful made me feel like I was back in Greece with my first wiferead more
Bradley Rene' Garcia
Bradley Rene' G.
22:12 24 Dec 19
open 24-7 and located in the Gypsy Building , great prices and selection gets better and better every time I more
Keith Slane
Keith S.
15:18 13 Dec 19
I live near downtown so I like having Eufloria so close. Visited yesterday. Love it! Got a couple of strains I haven't tried before. Perfect combo with Gypsy and the outdoor smoking area is more
David Martens
David M.
01:24 09 Dec 19
Go there, try it, see if you don’t like it.Best little place in all of Tulsa!read more
Gabby G
Gabby G
21:47 06 Dec 19
Ronald Maxey
Ronald M.
00:32 03 Dec 19
Loved it
21:18 02 Dec 19
This group/company is filled with incredible knowledgeable individuals who are always able to answer my questions. They have a wonderful selection and we love partnering with this dispensary! Thanks for being so awesome! 🙂read more
Derek Morrow
Derek M.
18:01 02 Dec 19
Woah! Just got an eighth of Big White and it is tayyyyyysteeeee! All the bud looks great and those pre rolls have some love put in them! I also get to smoke it around the corner on the outdoor patio! Yeah I definitely recommend Eufloria downtownread more
A Serious Picture Productions
A Serious Picture P.
20:44 01 Dec 19
Always love stopping by!Friendly & attentive staff, great prices, great product, great location,& 24/7 service!!read more
Your Local Weed Witch
Your Local Weed W.
20:42 01 Dec 19
Cute little 24 hour shop with surprising selection. Also the coffee shop they are in have a porch medical user's are allowed to smoke on!read more
Jacob Hatfield
Jacob H.
20:41 01 Dec 19
Open 24/7, great prices, great product, great people.what more could you ask for?read more
Forest Hatfield
Forest H.
20:39 01 Dec 19
Cute little shop and the coffee house it's in have a medical marijuana use porch. Even has heaters for the cold season!read more
Eugenia Harris
Eugenia H.
06:41 01 Dec 19
The staff is AMAZING AND EDUCATED!!!! Awesome deals. Open 24hrs🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 DEFINITELY recommend!!!read more
Tate Smith
Tate S.
00:12 30 Nov 19
The staff is great! Tim, the owner, and Adam are my go to guys! Wonderful atmosphere, wonderful people, best deals for best quality! I highly recommend getting the AiroPro from them, you will not be disappointed!read more
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